Everything starts at home!

Create a home that supports your goals,
your dreams & your health!

Do you feel tired, overwhelmed, unable to achieve your goals in your home? Have you ever entered a space and felt so good but don’t know why?

That’s because our environment has a huge impact on us. If this is you, I want you to know that you can make your home work for you instead of against you, in alignment with who you are and where you want to go!

Liv & Bloom is a boutique interior design and styling atelier for people who want to create intentional and beautiful homes rooted in their unique story. I help you create inspired spaces using a unique approach that integrates human sciences to interior design to help you live healthy and beautifully. 


We spend 90% of our time
in built environments

And our environment impacts our brain activity which in turn triggers our behaviors, affects our mood, feeling and health, both consciously and unconsciously.

More than ever before, human sciences have demonstrated how the built environment affects our health and wellbeing

In weaving in this knowledge to design, we can create with health, wellbeing and aesthetics as a grounding practice for more efficient and balanced spaces that shape your actions and impact your wellbeing on the long-term.

So what if we can create well-thought, aesthetically pleasing spaces that can intentionally help you achieve your goals, are good for your health, and tell your story?
That’s possible! So let’s explore your home potential to enable you a fulfilled life!

Rooted in beauty, authenticity
and wellbeing

Specializing in interior styling and design, brand partnerships and art creation.
My work is created with intention to bring to you interiors with character that are unique to you and your needs.

mediterranean modern bedroom design with limewash walls


I help you create spaces you love, that are unique to you and to your needs! This includes makeovers, styling, design, shopping or a simple consultation for your space to get you going.
oval coffee table with hydrangeas bust statue and marble dish


Get science-based recommendations on the impact of the built environment on people to make effective and healthy architectural and design decisions for your clients.
white organic design kitchen with arched range hood and wooden open shelves including kitchen decor and hydrangeas


Partner with me to get your products featured in my content, connect with my audience or to have quality content created for your own use. 
I seamlessly integrate your brand in my day-to-day.
textured nature landscape art above antique wooden bench


Get a unique piece of art for your home or for a loved one that is personal to you and that makes your space stand out.
I create abstract pieces with your preferences in mind.

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Hi, I’m Lara.
You’re welcome
to Liv & Bloom.

I’m so happy to have you here! Thank you for following along my design and home journey!

My hope is for you to find inspiration to create a home and life you love, in a way that feels and is unique to you!

I love making the mundane pretty, interiors that feel warm and lived in, filled with joyful moments and fun memories. And I do it all by integrating neuroscience to design as a unique approach to help help you achieve your goals and live healthy and beautifully. This is Home!

I also believe that creating a beautiful home should be accessible to anyone. That’s why I share budget-friendly renovations, accessible DIYs and different ways and ideas to create a home you love on a budget.


“Enjoyed my design session with Lara. She suggested multiple options for renovating our new home. Highly recommend!”


“I am so glad I found you! Thank you for your help and inspiration.”


“I adore the design. It’s my favourite place in the house.”


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