New year reset guide to unlock your potential

The New Year is here! Are you one to set resolutions and goals you want to achieve? I certainly have always done that, however, I have often found myself not necessarily following through on everything after a while. However, I now have put in place a New year reset guide to unlock your potential.

Since some time now, I have taken many aspects of my life into my own hands. I have been learning, researching and trying to find the best tools across a plethora of aspects of life. From health, self-development, design, and much more, I have read and listened to great experts that helped me tremendously. A few things really stuck with me and I have now put them in place. I went through this last year, and it worked really well.

I want to share them with you to help you through setting realistic goals, reassess and live in a more fulfilling way.

Before looking ahead, let’s look at the now!

With the holidays and all the hustle and bustle of this period, we often find ourselves sprinting through to the new year. And often, I feel I am surrounded with chaos, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. so, let’s tackle this first before even going further.


If you decorate for Christmas, this is the first place to start. Take down the decorations, tuck them away and do a deep cleaning from all the glitters and greenery. I use dedicated plastic bins for various items so that they’re easy to find when I will need them next.

Next, make a list of everything around you that needs decluttering and schedule an hour every day for each item. Don’t try to do it all at once because you’ll get fed up and leave it there. It’s ok if this goes into the following month, give yourself some grace and do it slowly.

Things I declutter:

  • Clothes: everyone’s clothes in the family. I do mine, my husband does his. We do it with the kids for theirs. What is still in good condition and we either don’t wear or doesn’t fit anymore are put in a bag to give away.
  • Toys: it’s now a part of our annual Christmas tradition to give away toys we have when we receive new ones for Christmas. I let my kids do this decision, and then review with them if we need to add some more or replace things. We also pile them to give them away.
  • Papers: a lot gets accumulated especially towards the end of the year with all the purchases and the lack of time. This is when I get through all the papers, classify them and tidy them in folders. I shred what needs to be thrown away with sensitive information and recycle everything else.
  • Pantry and fridge: I go through that too. I reorganize, clean and make sure I make a list of what I have or don’t before going back to the grocery. I look into what we will be eating and make a list accordingly.
  • Magazines and books: these also tend to accumulate. If I donMt need them, I reorganize and give away.

It feels so so goof when you go through all this. Your environment gets clean, things are easy to find and the everyday feels easier and better.

Delete, unfollow, unsubscribe

Have you noticed how much we tend to overwhelm ourselves with emails, social media and so on? I found that my emails were overflowing with all sorts of newsletters and emails. It becomes difficult to find the priority information and makes daily life frustrating. So, a few things you can do about this:

  • Newsletters: we subscribe to all sorts of things. We are also automatically subscribed sometimes when we buy something. So, this is the time to review everything you receive. Instead of deleting, open up that email and go through it. Does it still serve you? Keep it! No more interested? Unsubscribe!
  • Social media: same for socials. if you’re following people you’re not interested in, never interact with or make you feel bad, then unfollow! If you’re not at ease doing this, then at the very least mute the account. Go through all your socials and do this to start fresh and make space for something new and more fulfilling.
  • Emails: be it newsletters or other emails, delete those you don’t need anymore. Use filtering to go faster. If you think you may still need them, put them in folders. Even better, create rules in your email so that they go automatically in the right folder. This will declutter your inbox and make it so much more easy to manage your day-to-day.
  • Text messages: we get a whole lot of them…. From texts to WhatsApps or others, man do we have a lot of them. Delete old conversations you don’t need.
  • Apps: do you accumulate apps and finally don’t use them? Then go through them and delete anything you don’t need. Reorganize those you use on your phone in folders for an easier access.


I spoke about the emails, clothes and so on, but organization extends to more than this. How about your photos? Your budget? Your desk? Or any other thing or space for that matter. I for example have a tons of photos on my phone, and as much as I try to keep them organized throughout the year, I sometimes don’t stay consistent and it makes it hard to find what I want, especially as a content creator with tons of photos and videos. I go through the last months and reorganize them in folders on my phone and laptop.

To finish it all, clean your house so everything looks and feels fresh and clean! Our brains are not wired for clutter and perform better cognitively when things are clean and organized.

New-year-reset-guide-to unlock-your-potential

goal setting & planning: New year reset guide to unlock your potential

While there are many ways and methods to set goals, I have chosen a few, backed by science to implement. So, this New year reset guide will at least help you get started to unlock your potential and have a fulfilling year.

Before going into some tools, keep in mind some pointers that will help you succeed.

  • Goals need to be small. You can have the big dream and aspirations, however, to work towards that dream, break it down into small goals.
  • Make sure you only take on 1 to 3 goals per month. too many will lead you to overwhelm and not taking consistent action.
  • Goals need to be achievable for YOU, but just a bit difficult to create a resistance for you to grow and learn.
  • Attach a goal to a WHY. A why that is important and meaningful to you, not to anyone else. Do you really care about it, why? With that, identify the HOW, the skills needed to achieve it.
  • To achieve a goal and sustain it, you often need to change or add or let go of habits. Make sure these are part of your identity, the person you are or want to be. A great, inspiring book on habits is James Clear’s Atomic Habits.
  • Break your goals into quarters, months, weeks, days. It makes them more digestible and achievable. It makes you focus on progress rather than just the result. Check out this podcast from Jay Shetty.

I created a downloadable sheet to help plan your objectives throughout the year, and enable you to time block to get to things done. Download it below!

assessment, goal setting and vision board: New year reset guide to unlock your potential

In order to move forward, we should know where we stand in the present time, but also assess the past. I like going through my previous year to assess what progress I made with the goals I set the previous year. There are several ways to go about this, two ways I like are developed by Vanessa Van Edwards and Mel Robbins.

Additionally, I like making a vision board and have adopted the technique of Dr. Tara Swart who is a neuroscientist.

Vanessa van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards has a chart, which is visual and I like that. It is divided into several areas of your life, and you get to rank each on a scale of 1 to 5. It’s like a life audit that also allows you to list what did not allow you to reach the place you want to get to. The other thing I like about her audit is that you get to reflect on what you had a lot of, how you summarize your year, the people who affect your goals both positively and negatively and much more. Furthermore, she has a motivation chart to map out the months in which you are most motivated and align your goals with that. I find it makes life easier!

Check out Vanessa Van Edwards goal setting guidelines.

Mel Robbins

The other one I love is that of Mel Robbins who uses science supported tools. I love that it goes into various aspects of your life, but also helps you identify the WHY and the HOW for each. She also guides to identify what triggers in your environment will help you take action to make things easier to do. In addition to triggers, you also identify rewards to give yourself a positive feedback and a tracking/evaluation action for each goal. I feel that this makes you more accountable and breaks down things in small achievable chunks.

The other thing I love is also an assessment month by month and a several other questions to ask yourself as you set out to determine your goals. I love Mel Robbins and find her tips and approach super helpful. Listen to her podcast on How to Make 2024 the Best Year: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself to get started with her techniques.

Dr. Tara Swart

Dr. Tara’s approach is one I love because it is science based and provides insights into how the brain works and how we can use it to unlock our potential. Her way of creating a vision board provides me with time by myself and an unplanned, holistic approach to making a vision board. Also, she offers ways to use your vision board based on science so that it’s not yet another piece of paper you forget about. 

Her book is one I have read and will be re-reading. Check it out, The Source.

Health & wellness: the basis of a New year reset guide to unlock your potential

I couldn’t share a new year reset guide to unlock your potential without talking about health and wellness. In order to achieve your goals and live a more fulfilled year, you need to feel good physically and mentally. And, while there are numerous ways to work on this, I will share what I have been doing to help me and my family. As mentioned, I have done so much research and constantly read and listen to podcasts and research. This has helped me tremendously with putting my own guidelines and understanding how our brain and body work.

So, here’s a brief list of what I do.

  • Food: I switched my diet to a non-inflammatory diet. It has been a game changer for me and my health and energy. I prioritize whole foods, least processed and eliminated almost all gluten, corn, added sugars, dairy. I say almost, because sometimes I do have some but keep them to a very minimal intake. The key is to enjoy and love what you eat, so choose the right foods but also ones you will savour. 
  • Sleep: this has been a big one for me because I am a night owl. But, although it’s still not perfect, I made many changes to have a night routine where I unwind a hour before bedtime, dim lights to a maximum in the evening, stop eating 2-3 hours before sleep.
  • Routine: as part of routines I put in place to help my sleep, energy, health and wellbeing are my morning routines. I started intermittent fasting, I get sunlight exposure in the morning as much as possible (the cold Canadian winter are tougher times for me). I meditate, do breathing exercices, journal. I do not pick up my phone anymore first thing in the morning until it is 9 am at least.
  • Exercice: I have not been so good on this one yet, but my goal in to reintroduce exercice in the form of yoga and resistance training. 
  • Home: since I studied neuroarchitecture, I changed my approach on design and my home. I have been optimizing my home for more wellness and triggers for my habits.
  • Other tools: there are many other tools you can add to optimize your health and wellness. One of them is cold plunges, walks every day, brain exercices, practicing a creative endeavour. I do some of them but not all.

This New year reset guide to unlock your potential sums up some of the main things I do. I like to reassess every few months to see where I am at. Some things are shared with my husband for instance, and we do them together. 

This year, I have also added some of the routines for my kids, and have equipped them with a science-based Big Life Journal and goal setting that we started doing together. I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds, and to keep growing into a version of ourselves we love. not only do we feel better, but also more resilient when faced with life’s adversities, because there will be!

I’m curious, if you have tools, share them below. I always love to discover new things and integrate what works for me. if you found this valuable, let me know what part you’d be implementing this year. Wishing you a fantastic new year and can’t wait to go about it with you! 

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