Hi, I’m Lara!

As the designer and stylist behind Liv and Bloom, my mission is to help you design a beautiful home that nurtures your wellbeing and your goals, and where it feels good to be.

my story…

I am

I have always loved interiors and art, and working with my hands.

A few years ago, I quit my 20 years corporate career in marketing and communications to start my business. After launching an e-commerce platform, I found myself pivoting into making over my own home, working with brands and helping people design their homes.

I started sharing this journey on Instagram and on here, which got me featured by HGTV, Magazine Je Décore, Idées Déco and on other publications.

Beauty & wellbeing at the heart of everything

Creating interiors and art
Rooted in authenticity and grounded in nature

At that same time, I had been going through a chaotic period in my life, and probably the result of many years of stress and some difficult life events. I often felt very tired, chronically stressed, overwhelmed until I could not recognize myself anymore. So, I decided to change everything and started looking for tools to improve my wellbeing and my health.

I slowly found myself obsessed with podcasts, books and courses about wellness in general. I started implementing some changes, from nutrition to sleep routines, meditation and more. And I started to feel better. That’s when I also came across neuroarchitecture, which is designing for the wellbeing of people, based on scientific evidence. So, I took a course and got a certification in the subject. I continue to study and research all topics related to wellbeing to improve life and live joyfully and healthy.

I gradually started to change some elements in our home, and I discovered that I had been implementing some of those principles intuitively. Our home started to take shape and I created spaces with intention and purpose instead of only following a design style – and it changed everything for our family.

What I want now is to create the same thing for you, help you design and elevate your home to a harmonious haven where you feel recharged, connected, creative and truly at your possible best, every day. I want to empower you to use your home as a tool for wellbeing, and will occasionally share any other wellness tips and tools that have worked for me.

Home is definitely my sanctuary, it’s at the heart of creating joy, memories and making dreams come true. As Liv and Bloom’s designer and stylist, creating a home that shapes our every day has been life changing for me!

kind, warm and creative

I worked with Lara to decorate my entrance. Lara is extremely professional, kind and very patient. She listened to my needs and created a plan, with great detail, that reflected what I wanted to do with my space. She was very responsive throughout the process, very kindly advising and adjusting the plan as we went along. Always there to address my many questions and give me many alternatives. 
Our space now looks lovely, thanks to Lara. Her design choices are tasteful and thought out very carefully. It was truly a pleasure working with her, as she is such a kind, warm and creative person.”

About Liv & bloom

Whether it’s through my blog or as a client, I want to show you how your home can shape your everyday and support the goals you aspire to achieve.

Mission: In my role as Liv and Bloom’s designer and stylist, I help you create an intentional, elevated and cozy home that nurtures your health and dreams, while keeping it accessible.

Approach: bring beauty into your everyday, create spaces with your wellbeing and needs in mind, make your home unique to you, your family and your story.

Signature style: a curated approach to interiors that express your unique personality. I lean into earthy, organic and natural materials. Textures, layering and elements of nature is my love language. I love spaces that balance creativity, connection and a sense of relaxation. In a nutshell, spaces that are warm, inviting and regenerative, no matter what style you like.

I also DIY a lot and believe that creating a meaningful home should be accessible. That’s why I also guide you through what to do and where to go, provide you with tutorials and any additional information to help you along this journey.

This is more than an investment in your home, it’s an investment in yourself!

How can we work together

I believe home should tell your story….

Mine includes sweet memories of the Mediterranean Sea, nature and huge trees and flowering bushes like olives, citrus and jasmine. I have images of arches and stone and old wooden tables and doors. So, it’s no surprise that my personal style includes a lot of these elements in my home now, along with others that I came to love as my experiences grew.

In this chapter of my live, my family and I are looking for more connection to each other, friends and family. We are looking to be more creative and to see each of our personalities flourish. And our home helps us do just that.

On the blog, I share small and large-scale home renovations, styling, attainable decor, DIYs, as well as food and lifestyle . My wish is to inspire you to create spaces that bring you joy and wellness. In here, you’ll read about my mistakes, my learnings, my inspirations and my progress through loving our home and giving it the potential it deserves! While you’ll see a lot of before & afters, you’ll also see spaces that constantly change and evolve with time.

If that’s what you want for yourself, you just need to start.
Trust me, it’s easier than you think!

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