Creating the feeling of a spa at home has never been as important! If you’ve read through some of my blogs, you know that I consider home to be very much like a sanctuary. And the past year or so have showed us how important it is to feel good at home.

So why create a spa feeling at home? Simply put, we frequent spas to get moments of relaxation and bringing this feeling at home makes it accessible more frequently. It’s the perfect way to have a calm retreat, to enhance wellbeing and reduce stress.

So, with our overall health in mind, creating a spa bathroom at home doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it mean doing a bathroom renovation. Some bath essentials, the right materials and colors are what you need to have a calming and soothing vibe at home.

Now that we’ve cleared the why, let’s move into how you can transform your bathroom into a spa experience that nourishes the mind and body. The choice of materials throughout the items you pick are essential to creating harmony and a calm and appealing environment.


If you can, start by painting your walls a light color if they’re not already. I always love a warm white. Neutral colors make the space breathe and feel airy.


A bathroom is usually a space that feels more cold because of the materials it has such as ceramic tiles, metals from the faucets and hardware and stone counters. So, incorporating wood will offset the cold feel of a bathroom and add warmth. It will also elevate the space and give you this spa feel you want.

When incorporating wood, think of a stool you can display by your bathtub or shower. Think also of a wooden bath caddy. Those are pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and can be used also for decorating a spa-like space. While I DIYed my bath caddy with oak, I added a gorgeous piece as a stool make of teak with beautiful details that add texture.


Texture is another element that adds warmth to a space. So, beautiful bath towels and robes are a must. Again, in trying to create the spa feeling, think of neutrals, of organic textures.

Another way to add texture is on the floor with a fluffy bathmat, and also a runner in front of your vanity. The runner will add character and contrast if colors are a little darker while the bath mat keeps that airy feel close to where you bathe.


I cannot stress enough the importance of greenery. Add as many as you want and can. Big plant, small plants, hanging plants… Bringing nature in will immediately give you a feeling of well-being. Just pick your plants carefully depending on the natural light you have in your bathroom.

Some plants that thrive well in a humid environment are:

  • Schefflera
  • Pothos
  • Monstera
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • Ivy
  • ZZ plant


Storage is so important to remove any clutter. Keep all your counters free of objects. You can use the bathroom vanity for storage or even baskets in natural materials such as rattan and seagrass. When thinking of storage, also think of storing your soaps, shampoos, bath salts and so on in beautiful containers instead of their original packaging. I like to use amber glass and clear glass with bamboo lids.


Yes, yes art in the bathroom is a great way to decorate the space. Depending on your taste, you can go with the type of art you love. Whether it’s vintage or Scandinavian inspired or whatever else you love, choose art that has muted colors.

I’ve placed two pieces in our bathroom, on above the toilet and the other on the wall facing the vanity.


This is such an important element. You want enough lighting to see well but the ability to have little lighting when you’re taking a bath. Think of sconces in different areas of the bathroom that have different switches. This way, you can turn off some to set a more moody ambiance in your spa-like bathroom during your self-care time.

Another source of lighting not to forget is candles. Keep them close and light them when taking a bath.


Last but not least is scent. I consider scent a huge factor in decor because it sets the mood of a space, it is very sensory and a crucial element in your wellbeing routine. An essential oil diffuser is something to think of. Since I’ve had my Move wireless diffuser from Vitruvi, I’m able to take it anywhere I want without the hassle of the cord which is great!

I love using eucalyptus in the bathroom, but really go with any scent that calms you down and helps you unwind. Here are some suggestions that enhance calm: lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus. Many blends are also available or you can do them yourself.

Hope this helps you create a space you’ll love and encourage you to take more time for yourself.

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