decorating with orange garland

I like to opt for natural materials to decorate around Christmas. There’s usually so much waste during the Holidays, and I try to reduce this as much as possible, one way being decorating with an orange garland.


Additionally, it’s perfect to carve some time out for some craft with the kids, makes you spend quality time, makes them used to natural options and develop their creativity.

decorating with an orange garland – natural, minimal and beautiful way


Plus, it’s beautiful and smells so good! And, really easy to do.

So, here’s my how to.

  1. Cut thin slices of orange, about ¼” each
  2. Lay them on a baking tray covered with parchment paper
  3. Put them in the oven for 4 hours at 200oF
  4. When they’re dry, take out and let them cool.

You’re now ready to start DYIing

  • Make small holes on the top of each orange slice, just enough to fit in a thick needle with cotton thread
  • Using the needle and cotton thread, tie them together making sure you do a little knot on each slice to keep it in place
  • Make sure you keep a little separation in between
  • You can vary using other decorations on the garland too. In this case I inserted a wooden star bought at the craft store in between each
  • I also knotted a small branch of pine that I picked from outside on each slice
  • You can make it as long as you need depending where you’ll place it
fir branch with dried oranges in amber glass jar

That’s it, as simple as this! Get creative, you have the basis to do the dried orange and you can decorate in however way you want.

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