design a happy and healthy home

I Believe Your Best Self Starts At Home!

When you design a happy and healthy home, you empower yourself to live a more balanced and fulfilled life on a daily basis. We spend 90% of our time indoors, and research has shown the correlation between our health, wellbeing and our environment. In addition to nutrition, exercice, sleep and stress management, caring for our wellbeing also includes caring for our home environment with wellness focused interior design.

Now that we know the impact of our living spaces on our mental and physical health, designing a happy and healthy home is essential to cultivate wellbeing. Not only will you feel better but you will also reduce potential harmful design choices and be empowered to take actions towards your life goals.

My ethos is a human-centric, wellness driven design approach to create interiors that are intentional, thoughtful and curated. Rooted in authenticity and grounded in nature, every detail comes together so that your home becomes a chapter of your story. From colors to lighting, furniture, space planning, acoustics, materials and so much more, I help you design your home to get rid of the stress, overwhelm and feeling of fatigue. Your home will not only become a place for inspiration, connection and renewal but it will also nurture your mind and your soul. 

Together, we will craft how you want to live, through your home.

My approach to designing a happy and healthy home

I apply knowledge from the human sciences, also known as neuroarchitecture, to create healthy, aesthetic and sustainable interiors. Using science in design takes the traditional form and function and adds to it science-backed knowledge and tools geared towards creating spaces that enhance our wellbeing and positively impact our physical and mental health on the long-term.

This approach is centred around the user experience as a grounding practice to creating healthy environments. It takes into account various elements such as:

  • Identity and culture
  • Your goals, taste, function, etc.
  • Emotional and aesthetic responses
  • Nature, natural light, acoustics, materials, furnishings, colors, etc.
  • Memory and the senses

You are always at the heart of the creation process!

When you design a healthy and happy home, you reinforce or transform your actions. Our environment can stimulate specific behaviors such as focus, creativity, socialization, learning, relaxation, etc. So, I work very closely with you to reflect all aspects of your life and identity into your home design to make a positive impact on your life. My approach is not about trends or the latest decor collection, rather, it’s about helping you create a meaningful home that is a reflection of you and your family, a curated haven that celebrates beauty, inspires you, encourages connection, and where you feel refreshed and nurtured.


design a happy and healthy home

I offer various design and styling services. Whether you need a little help with what you already have or a full service, there are many ways that we can work together. Choose what works for you!

design a happy and healthy home online call consultation
interior design & styling Consultation

The video consultation allows you to finalize a design you already have and bring your ideas to life. This is for you if you know what you want, and looking for an easy and accessible way to have a designer’s advice and perspective to complete your space. It can include advice on paint, materials, furniture, home wellness and more. Service is available online only worldwide.

  • Video call to answer your questions
  • Tips & advice as needed
  • Recommendations for shopping, materials, space planning, etc.
design a happy and healthy home designer for a day
Get a designer for a day
in person

The Designer for a Day will give you access to my presence in your home to redesign a space with what you have and give you ideas on what you need to complete it. It’s like a live workshop to get things done in a day. Available in Montreal, QC and surrounding areas – price includes one space.

  • 6 hours of in-person consultation and done for you styling
  • Restyle with what you already have to improve flow, function, aesthetics
  • Recommendations and shopping list to complete your space, as needed
affordable e-design and styling services
1-2 weeks

The online design service is a simple and affordable solution to having your space designed for you so that you can set it up yourself. It does not include structural changes, renovations or 3D plans. Service is available online only, worldwide.

  • Moodboard, tutorials, as needed
  • Sourcing & shopping list for decor, furniture, finishes
  • Installation instructions
full service decor and styling
Full service decor & Styling
in person
On request

The full service decor and styling allows you to get everything done for you. From rethinking your space to providing design recommendations, space planning, selecting and sourcing materials, paint, furniture, decor and styling them for you. Available in Montreal, QC & surroundings.

  • Moodboard and plans as needed
  • Sourcing & shopping done for you for decor, furniture, finishes
  • Installation and project management


“I worked with Lara to decorate my entrance. Lara is extremely professional, kind and very patient. She listened to my needs and created a plan, with great detail, that reflected what I wanted to do with my space. She was very responsive throughout the process, very kindly advising and adjusting the plan as we went along. Always there to address my many questions and give me many alternatives. 

Our space now looks lovely, thanks to Lara. Her design choices are tasteful and thought out very carefully. It was truly a pleasure working with her, as she is such a kind, warm and creative person.”


“Enjoyed my design session with Lara.
She suggested multiple options for renovating our new home. Highly recommend!”


“I love it!
You are so good, I knew it since the first time we met!”