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I redesigned our family room last year, taking it from a two-room space to one open space. Creating an open concept was at the origin of having a space that is more functional and that all family members could use. I wanted the basement to be a multi-purpose family room for connection and play. I knew I had a few elements that I needed to change since the renovation.

Why Designing a multi-purpose family room for connection and play



This is a little glimpse of what was there before and how we opened up the space to create one multi-functional family room.


Well, the initial space was really not functional and did not allow us to fully take advantage of the space. First of all, on one side, we had a kitchenette. On the other side a room that I had dedicated to a playroom. However, when we got to renovating the basement, I wanted to rethink its usability and function. I also wanted to design it in a way that it would have a positive impact on how we spend some of our family time or on our own.

That’s the reason why I decided to open up the space. But most importantly, doing so would provide the following advantages:

  • Bring in more natural light in.
  • More functionality and storage.
  • A space where we could be independently watching a movie or playing/crafting.
  • A space where the kids could play. Also one that could easily be used by them without having all the toys lying around.
  • An easy access to the backyard and pool. We added waterproof floors so it’s easy to maintain and the rest of the house stays clean.
  • A comfortable and cozy space for watching movies or playing games altogether.

How have we been using our family room

Since the renovation, our family room has mostly been used by the kids, and myself to carry out some DIYs. We would sometimes sit and watch a movie, but I found that most games would be taken up to the dining room or living room, because we did not have the comfort we wanted to do so there.

I added a marble effect wallpaper a few months ago and it brought so much more warmth. However, one of the things I knew would help change this more was seating. Texture, modularity, comfort and the ease of changing things around was what I really needed to address to make this space more useful. After all, it was an objective of ours to spend more time together, connect deeper, and make memories. So, how we feel in this space is important.

How seating can impact a multi-purpose family room for connection and play

Yup, seating counts for a lot! From texture to position when you’re seated to materials and shape, all of this affects how we feel in a space and how we use it. And so, before choosing your furniture, make sure you consider a few things instead of only looking at aesthetics.

  • Texture: one part of our sense of touch is emotional, and relates to social connection. Upholstered seating has been found to make people more confortable and perceive others as more welcoming.
  • Shape: our nervous system responds better to rounded and organic shapes that activate the parasympathetic mode.
  • Position: relating to texture, position affects affects how we feel. When seated upright, we tend to be more alert and rigid whereas in seating that relaxes the body we tend to feel more connected and relaxed.
  • Materials: natural materials are always better for the health and the environment as they don’t have toxins.

choosing the right seating

All that being said, those were all factors I took into account while looking for seating and space planning. One side of the space is meant to be cozy and comfortable for movie nights, game time or even to just relax with a book. The other side is intended for more movement to DIY, craft and play. So, I kept the latter space mostly empty except on the periphery. I may be adding a multi purpose table eventually.

I was happy to partner with Cozey that checked all the boxes, and helped bring our multipurpose family room to life and enhance connection and play. First of all, they are a Canadian brand, but also deliver throughout Canada and the United States. They have various styles that are customizable to your space, which is a great plus. The frame of their sofas is made of solid pine and the covers are removable and washable. This is perfect for our family room with young kids!

The delivery is fast, and the sofas come in boxes. They are super easy to assemble. But, in case of doubt, they provide all the instructions both online and on paper. You don’t need any tools to put the sofa together. The different modules clip to one another. This means you can easily change the configuration or add extra modules with time. This is an amazing feature allowing you to make changes to adapt to your space and lifestyle without having to buy new!

The texture of the fabric is soft, and the shape is rounded to give you this welcoming feel. On a comfort level, it is perfect to sink in and relax or just sit up straight when playing a game. I chose the Ciello four-seater with two ottomans, in Sunset Beige.

What about colours?!

Well, the space has light coloured floors with several black accents for the storage. Despite having more natural light in, it is not as well lit as the rest of the house. So, I wanted to add some muted colours in the shades of green (that I also had a few of in here). so, I swapped the rug that was there for a more colourful one. I find that the beige sofa stands out against the rug. With a few accessories like the pillows and throw, I played with contrast and warmth (brownish and mustard tones).

Since rethinking the styling and furniture, we’ve been using this space more often. We love gathering and coming up together to have fun and connect.

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