We all clean our houses, wash our clothes and try to keep our home nice and clean. But all those lovely plants we have around the house are often forgotten besides watering or spraying them with water.

Dust actually accumulates on plant leaves and just like the skin, prohibits them from breathing and absorbing light properly to do their job. This is especially true for air purifying plants that see their work weakened by dust.

So once in a while, let give those green babes a little more love and attention. Sure there are products in the market but there’s nothing like a simple, natural, homemade recipe. Here’s mine:

  1. Mix equal amounts of tap water
  2. Dip a reusable soft cloth (to avoid waste) in the mix
  3. Gently squeeze excess liquid
  4. Gently wipe your plant leaves with this without rubbing
  5. Work from the base of the leaf to the tip
  6. For tiny leaves, you can just spray the mix on the plant Note that this method doesn’t apply to furry leaves.

Voilà! You’re plants will feel rejuvenated and ready again to do their job. They’re also shinier and brighten even more your decor.

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