quick dining room upgrade

I’ve been itching to do something in the dining room area for a while, but I’m quite limited for many reasons. But, I decided on this quick dining room upgrade and it made such a difference!

quick dining room upgrade

I knew that I wanted to get new furniture for one, however, the space itself doesn’t allow for much change. Our dining room is quite small, right on the other side of the kitchen island. On one side, we have a patio door to the balcony, and on the other the railing. So, I’m left with one wall to work with and very little width, just enough to fit the table and chairs on both sides!

Where we started

dining room upgrade before after

When we moved in, we made a few changes, namely the light fixture, we painted the railing black instead of the orangey color it had, and we painted the patio door black along with all the window frames. These changes certainly helped change the space, but I wanted a more elevated look.

So, I decided to go for box moulding on the bottom part of the wall right up to the height of the railing. Because this wall extends downstairs to the living room and is kind of open to the rest of the house. With the railing that makes a separation, I did not want to have moulding from top to bottom even if I love it, it felt awkward to me.

To start with, I went browsing at Home Depot for moulding. Then I determined how many boxes I wanted by leaving 3.5″ inches in between. This came up to six, and I used painters’ tape to see what effect it would give on the wall.

box moulding dining room

It was then time to measure and cut all the mouldings. Each box is 26″ x 16″ inches, with 3.5″ inches in between and 5″ inches from the baseboard and top trim. We used a laser level to make sure they were all well aligned and nailed them to the wall with a nail gun. Then, I caulked to have a clean look and sharp lines. Finally, time to paint!

dining room makeover paint selection

Finishes selection – quick dining room upgrade

We used Benjamin Moore Simply White. I love this color so much because of how creamy and warm it looks. We started by painting the AC unit. I was never able to stand it. It is a little old, with black and yellowish colors and so not well placed. So, painting it made me accept it better because it melts into the rest of the wall and becomes less apparent!

That’s it! So simple yet makes a big impact.

Furniture and art

But, I wasn’t done yet! I DIYed some wall art with joint compound. I went for light neutral colors with a touch of black. I wanted something abstract that would fit in a Scandi inspired space. I’ve been loving doing several art pieces myself. I framed them and painted the frames a creamy white.

I also changed the chairs and the sideboard. I went through Mobilia’s online design tool to see how the room would look like, and I choose the Nicolas sideboard in oak with a black matte glass top….. as well as the Elna fabric chairs in light grey. I loved their rounded shape and sleek, modern look. The chairs are super comfortable, and their thin metal black legs keep the space airy. The sideboard completes the oak table we already got last year from Woodstock.

Both the chairs and sideboard were the perfect addition to bring the space together beautifully. Finally, I added a washable distressed rug from Ruggable. I chose the Sarrah Hazel Rug in 8’x10′ because of its warm creamy, distressed shades. It has pulled the space all together, and the fact that it is water and stain-resistant, as well as machine-washable is perfect! So, that’s it, the space is totally different and transformed so easily and quickly!

quick easy dining room upgrade

A few other additions… I upcycled a large thrifted vase to make it look antique and aged. I am using it as a table centrepiece. I also added a large statement olive tree – these are my favorites!

Budget Breakdown

  • Top chair rail moulding (width: 2 3/4″): $38
  • Box moulding (width: 1 3/4″): $115
  • Thrifted vase: $20
  • Canvas for wall art: $48 (I had the joint compound and acrylic paint)
  • Olive tree: $200
  • Planter: $40

I already had the paint at home.

Furniture & Rug Sources for a quick dining room upgrade

Dining Chairs


Washable Rug

This project literally took about a week!! Woohoo! I love it when it is fast!

With just a few changes, the dining space looks so different and prettier! I love how it is more welcoming and warm! Small changes, the right furniture, big impact!

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