Nothing beats a natural Christmas to me, at least as much as possible. There are many reasons why I prefer having natural foliage and elements in my Christmas decor, one of it being sustainability, but also the great smell and texture it adds to my home. If you are a natural decor kind of person, this is for you! I am sharing a few ways and natural Christmas wreath ideas that you can DIY.

Why think of easy and natural Christmas Wreaths?

First if all, wreaths are so versatile. You can use them just about anywhere inside and outside of your home. They are beautiful and you can really get creative with your ideas. I love creating a different one every year for our front door. It makes our entrance pretty, and curb appeal during Christmas makes your home stand out. I mean, is there anything better than to come back home to a beautiful exterior sight? I love it!

Ideas to DIY Christmas Wreaths

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Layered three in one Christmas wreath

Attaching together 3 wire wreaths of different sizes in an asymmetrical shape. I used pine in the top and bottom one, and fir in the middle one. I then added the ornaments: dried oranges, small baubles, pine cone, ribbon. Finally, added a few red dogwood stems.

Asymmetrical rattan Wreath

I used a rattan wreath that I painted with with a dark brown acrylic paint. Then I layered fresh cedar and fir branches, pine cones, small gold bells, dried oranges, bows (2 colors, 2 sizes).

Simple pine and oranges wreath

A very simple wreath, half with dried oranges and the other half with pine. All glued on a metal wreath, with a black bow and some bells.

Another option for a natural Christmas

Just grab a bunch of greenery, put them together, tie them at the stem. Then, add some ornaments to the stem and put it on your front door. VoilĂ , very simple, fresh and easy!


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