Hello, and welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge!

Have you had the chance to follow last week’s progress on Instagram?

Did you see what other participants are doing as part of the One Room Challenge event? If not you can check out the 20 Featured Designers and all the Guest Participants like me.

So, this week has been quite a crazy one! We started demolition of the brick wall, and let me tell you, our house is a complete mess! Despite covering the space we’re working in, there was so much dust that has come out from breaking the concrete and bricks. And I’m not too good when the house is a mess everywhere! But I keep reminding myself that we will soon have a renewed space, so patience!!

Also, sharing my moldboard this week as I haven’t been able to do so last week. So here’s my inspiration.

As mentioned, it was quite easy to demolish the bricks from the wall, it was actually much better than anticipated because there is was space between the bricks and the wall, so the drywall is still good except for a small portion that’s cracked. Given that we’re doing this mostly on evening and weekends, it took about a full day worth of work to finish the wall. The floor however is a different story!

We had to rent a jackhammer to break down the all the thick layers of bricks, so you can imagine the dust, and the noise! Obviously with work, there are a limited nimber of hours that we can work on this due to the noise it makes, but we’re getting there and we will be able to advance much faster once this portion is done and cleaned.

On the other hand, I advanced on some of the DIYs like the wall art, and decor items which I will be sharing on instagram as soon as they’re all dry and ready over the coming few days!

We also made the table and the parts are currently drying up, so I’ll be able to show you more over the course of the week when it’s all dry and we can put the pieces together.

On the agenda this week:

1. Make a raised floor slab to raise the floor where we removed the bricks

2. Install hard wood flooring

3. Select tile that’ll go around the stove

4. Build the frame for the shelves and the wood storage

You can keep following our progress on Instagram where I’ll be sharing on stories as we move along. And go check out all the other transformations taking place as part of the Fall 2020 ORC right here. Hope you enjoy the process!

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