Hello, and welcome to week three of the One Room Challenge!

Have you had the chance to follow last week’s progress on Instagram?

Did you see what other participants are doing as part of the One Room Challenge event? If not you can check out the 20 Featured Designers and all the Guest Participants like me.

This week has been another intense week! I am happy we could catch up on so many things after being delayed because of extended demo. The structure for the log storage and the arched shelves is up, by the end of the day, the dry walls will also be all in place and ready to receive the first coat of compound joint. YAY!! The floor is also raised and ready to receive the hard wood flooring. We have decided to postpone this until all the walls are done.

We spray painted the wood burning stove and it’s already looking much better! The concrete Durock walls are up too, and I worked on many of the DIYs. I will be sharing more of this over the coming days on instagram as some things are still trying up!

So, up this week will be finalizing all the walls. This will take some time as we will need to leave 24h in between each layer of compound joints. We will also be adding the cabinet underneath the shelves, and treating /painting the DIY side table.

So stay tuned, and you can follow progress throughout the week here.

As always, you can follow our progress on Instagram where I’ll be sharing on stories as we move along. And go check out all the other transformations taking place as part of the Fall 2020 ORC right here. Enjoy!


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