It’s week four of the One Room Challenge! Time flew by so fast!!

Have you had the chance to follow last week’s progress on Instagram?

Did you see what other participants are doing as part of the One Room Challenge event? If not you can check out the 20 Featured Designers and all the Guest Participants like me.

The space is starting to take form gradually. We took quite some time doing the two arches, or mostly the first one because once this was done, the second was easier – practice!

This is how we went about it.

  • Take your measurements
  • On a piece of plywood, draw the size of the arch you want to have
  • Cut 2 identical pieces
  • Measure the depth of the arch you want and cut pieces of 2×4 equivalent to the width of the arches
  • Use the 2×4 to put together the 2 pieces of plywood ensuring they are very solid
  • Fix the piece to the place where you want the arches
  • Then cut a piece of dry wood long enough to cover the arch
  • Partially cut through the drywall the width every 2 inches to break the thick part while keeping the entire piece together
  • Screw the drywall to the arched plywood

Another highlight this week…. we chose the tiles that will go under and around the wood burning stove.. YAY! We went with a honeycomb tile and a mix oft colours: charcoal and beige with a hint of gold. We’ll be mixing those together and making a transition with the hardwood floor.

We also had to pivot the idea of having the log storage vertically up to the ceiling because as we started to install it, we found it made the space heavier. So instead, we went with a horizontal structure.

The compound joint is done, but will need another layer before we can paint.

And, the side table is dry, but still needs sanding, assembling, sealing and painting. I’m so happy with how it’s coming together, this right below gives you an idea of how it will look. I’ll share more on this specifically later on.

On the agenda this week:

  1. Install the hardwood floors and the tiles
  2. Finish all the electrical wiring and install light fixture
  3. Build the cabinet doors that will go in the arch under the shelves
  4. Choose paint
  5. Choose wood slab

Follow the progress throughout the week here. And go check out all the other transformations taking place as part of the Fall 2020 ORC right here. Enjoy!


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