Self-care is a journey, and not an instinctive one at least for me. As much as I enjoy and need me time moments, the truth is I don’t always get them. Being a mom of two, and juggling work, kids, and everything else in between doesn’t always give me that luxury.

However, I’ve made it part of my rituals to trade in the quick shower and soak into a hot bath at least once a month. And I truly appreciate this moment, so I want it to be an enjoyable experience all through.

This has led me to concoct my little bath salts recipe, super easy, but at least I know I get to use the fragrance I want and have no chemicals in my bath. And I should say, it makes such a difference!

So here’s my bath salts how to recipe:

· 1 cup Epsom salt

· 15-20 drops of essential oils of your choice. I’ve used lavender because of its calming properties. But you can use anything you want and even mix a few. Some of the following oils can be considered for relaxation: peppermint, chamomile, rosewood

· A spoonful of dried lavender flowers, because it looks beautiful and adds to the calming effect

I just drop about half a cup of this simple mix into the hot water, et voilà. Soak in the zen moments, get a glass of wine, a book and enjoy some precious me time!

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