vintage console table easy furniture flip

Finding antique pieces of furniture is one of many ways I like to make my home unique. I am so happy to have found this vintage console table, a piece of furniture that was easy to flip. I often browse Facebook Marketplace and go to thrift and antique stores, even when I don’t have something specific I’m looking for (guilty:).

console table easy furniture flip

This console table was the perfect example.

I simply opened my app one day and it was the first thing I saw. Luckily, it was not too far away, and I was on the road that day, so I contacted the seller who was available the same day. Yay!!! I passed by to pick it up, it was in mint condition, I love the details on the drawer and the legs. The person did not have any space for it anymore, that’s why they were getting rid of it.

vintage console table easy furniture flip

It was solid wood, and knew I would want to strip it to see the natural wood tone it had. During this time, we had the water damage in the office and were in the process of cleaning and fixing it. So I thought it could go in my home office, even if I had not thought if the design yet. Sometime, one item inspires the rest and this was the case.

I always love to mix modern Scandinavian design with rustic elements and this was it!

For $25 this piece was so worth it. Here’s how I transformed it.

console table easy furniture flip – Tools & Materials

  • Ponceuse
  • Sanding paper 80, 120, 220 grit
  • Lint free rag
  • EZ Stripper
  • Soft bristles paint brush
  • Clear matte varnish
  • Rub ‘ Buff Antique Gold
  • Small rag or paint brush
  • Brasso

Getting to work

I first started by trying the Easy Off method. I did it once before but it did not work well, the furniture was not in great condition. So, I though I’d give it another try. Well, while many people love to and it seems to work for them, it really did not for me. The result is not worth the effort and bad smell it has.

console furniture flip easy off

Instead, I went with the EZ Stripper, a more eco-friendly product that works very well and has no toxic smell. It has a gel consistency and worked really well. You first need to make sure your furniture is clean and dry.

Then, apply a good coat of stripper and let it sit for at least 20 min or more depending on the furniture (instructions are provided on the product). Use a wood scraper to remove the old varnish and stain. Then clean with water and a clean lint free rag before sanding.

I sanded with three grit papers as some places were stripped better than others. Starting with an 80 grit first to remove everything, then a 120 and finished with 220 to smooth all the surface.

console table easy furniture flip sanding

I cleaned really well after sanding.

Then I applied the matte varnish. It’s water based, and I did two coats to make sure it was well protected bu lightly sanding with a 220 grit paper in between coats.

While it dried properly, I cleaned the hardware with Brasso, and then used Rub ‘ Buff in antique gold to achieve a beautiful brass color on the hardware.

Voilà! Sanding takes some time but all in all, it was an easy project and I have a beautiful piece I love that is unique.

That’s the beauty of getting thrifted accent pieces, it allows you to get this unique look that no one else has and that is not found in store in huge quantities.

I have some more pieces to flip in the coming weeks, so make sure you sign-up to my newsletter.

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