Already week 5 of the One Room Challenge, which means there is still one other week left only!!

Have you had the chance to follow last week’s progress on Instagram?

Did you see what other participants are doing as part of the One Room Challenge event? If not you can check out the 20 Featured Designers and all the Guest Participants like me.

We are finally done with all the joint compound! This took longer than expected but all the layers are finally finished and just need sanding before the surface is ready to receive the paint, which we started doing.

The hard wood floors are almost done, and the ceramic tiles are left to dry before grouting. I can’t wait to put the wood burning stove back to see the effect of all this together!

We are waiting for some deliveries to arrive, hence why we were not able to advance more on some of the elements listed last week. We’ve chosen the paint, the wood slab and waiting for everything to come in.

This week feels like there isn’t much that is new, and I would have loved to show more an almost finished look, but we had to put more than one layer of joint compound in some areas and shopping for some materials also took longer than expected because of availabilities and so on. There is one more week, and a lot to accomplish. I am mostly thinking about the finishing touches which usually take more time. Let me tell you, it is called a challenge and it is quite one! Not everything always goes as planned and this is where timing comes into play.

So, until the reveal next week, we will have to to move faster and finalize all the bits and pieces that should all be installed.

On the agenda:

  1. Finish sanding the walls and paint
  2. Install the light
  3. Install the cabinet doors under the arch
  4. Install the wood slab and shelves
  5. Build the hallway arched door and install it
  6. Decorate & style!!! (my fave part)!

I just can’t wait to clean and live dust free 🙂

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Fall 2020 – One Room Challenge | Week 5 | Transforming our living room

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