DIY roman clay fireplace in living room

If you want to add texture, interest while keeping things subtle, roman clay is one way to go! I wanted to create a focal point on our electric fireplace, and I made this DIY roman clay for an organic and textured look.


Our fireplace have been through a few changes, and ever since we did this project, I have kept changing the look of it. It was first all white, which I liked, then I painted the base black when I felt like a change. At this time, I was hesitant about the top but decided to take some time to think about it.

My options: cement, plaster, lime wash… After three months, I finally pulled the trigger.

I adored the texture of the DIY lime wash I did in our chambre principale apaisante., and I wanted something similar but not quite the same. So, I opted for roman clay!

This DIY is very simple. Roman clay can be bought ready made, but also easily DIYed.

I mixed 2 portions of joint compound to one portion of paint. I used the same base paint I took for the lime wash, Benjamin Moore Winds Breath.

Mix well to obtain a paste like texture. Using a spatula, start applying in different directions, ensuring you smooth out the lines very softly without adding much pressure.

I used both a plastic and a metal spatula, and I liked the plastic spatula best because it made less lines and crevisses.

Let it dry. You can lightly sand if you have a lot of thick lines and want more subtle textures. If you do, use a lint free, dry cloth to wipe the surface. Then apply one or two more coats depending on how much texture you want. I did 2 coats on the fireplace and thought it was just what I wanted. I applied it on the base and top of the fireplace as well as the dry bar.

Because the surface is used very often, for decor and for making drinks over the wine cellar, it was important for me to protect it all so it stands the test of time. So, I applied a matte clear floor varnish.

I really love the way our fireplace looks with this DIY roman clay, and will be doing a wall like this. Stay tuned, and follow along for more projects on Instagram or by signing up to my newsletter below.

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