A quick and delicious meal done with what I had on hand that day. As much as I love trying existing recipes, I also really enjoy creating meals from things I have on hand or leftovers.

In an effort to be mindful, and grateful for what we have, throwing away food is a big no for me.

“One of the things I force myself doing is not to waste, not to throw away food. So, sometimes this means repurposing something already cooked with another recipe, and oftentimes, it’s one of the best meals.”

So, this quick recipe…

What you’ll need:

1. boneless chicken thighs

2. goat cheese

3. strawberries

4. balsamic reduction

5. fresh coriander

6. sea salt, lemon pepper, dried coriander, olive oil

The how to…

1. grill the chicken with a drop of olive oil, seasoning with the spices and salt to taste

2. lay flat on a plate

3. add a layer of goat cheese

4. add sliced strawberries

5. add fresh sizzled coriander

6. drizzle with balsamic reduction

It should all take about 15 – 20 minutes.

Bon appétit!

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