I like my master bedroom to be like a sanctuary. This is the space that I need to be confortable in, that would help me recharge and rest and therefore I am very specific about the items that I choose to have in it. So, here’re a few ideas on how to create a peaceful master bedroom.

I like to have a peaceful vibe since this is where I start and end my day. So, if this is an ambiance you like for yours, here are some of the items that are my must-haves for a soothing master bedroom.

I like to choose colors and tones since they enhance the feeling of calm. So to start off, the wall are painted white. Then, other then colors, I pay a particular attention to the type of materials I use. Natural materials are always what I aim for, and in the bedroom, they have an impact on the quality of sleep and general sense of wellbeing.

peaceful bedroom with natural bedding

Material to create a peaceful master bedroom

Wood. Think of bed frame, nightstand, chairs or benches. All these items in a light wood tone will provide warmth and coziness while giving the room a sense of calm since it does not distract the eyes.

tips for a peaceful bedroom

Textile. Linen is my favorite. Sleeping in linen bedding has been a game changer, it is such a great material and is sustainable. I love how it feels lived in and provides texture and coziness. There’s also cotton (preferably sustainably made) and wool for a throw, cushions and blankets. They are best when layered on the bed to give this extra cozy vibe and an elevated look. Linen and cotton can also apply to curtains.

Rattan. I love rattan, and this can be incorporated as a planter, a light fixture, a vase, a mirror frame. Again, it’s a natural and warm material and a favorite in any neutral setup.

Greenery. Add plants to your room, it goes a long way in decorating and making things feel natural and relaxing. Plus, it counts as an accent color! You can also think of florals, fresh or dried.

greenery for a peaceful bedroom

Finally, styling your nightstand also contributes to the look and feel of your bedroom. There are some items that I always like to have, other I may change over time or with different seasons.

Must-haves for styling Nightstands

  • Lamp: either wall-mount or a table lamp, it depends on how big your nightstand is. I like a wall-mount option because it provides more space on the bedside table. It feels lighter and more airy.
  • Essential oil diffuser: I’ve had one for over a year and I love it! This one in particular, the Glow diffuser from Vitruvi, has a built-in light, so I can even skip the bedside lamp and use this. I love that it provides a little glow without needing to put on lights. I like to diffuse calming essential oils before going to bed, so I typically have it on about an hour before bed.
  • A small catch all vessel: I use it to keep jewellery that I remove before sleeping.
  • A book: It encourages me to read before I fall asleep.

Other Nightstand decor that I change

  • Pottery vase with fresh flowers: depends on the seasons. I tend to add one in the summer and Spring when I very often use fresh flowers.
  • Art: with leaning against the wall if your bed if placed as such, or on the wall itself.

If you have other favorite materials, you can add them in the comments below. While you can add more, these are some tips to get you started on creating a peaceful bedroom.

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