We’ve all heard at some point or another the expression that the kitchen is the heart of a home. And that’s true in many ways, at least for us. Truly, this is the one space where we hang out the most, whether we’re cooking or hosting, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Small chats, drinks, coffee, munching on snacks or appetizers, it all happens in this space.


And it’s such a special place to be in and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is where so many memories are created.

So, styling your kitchen is one way to create a welcoming vibe. It certainly deserves its own attention! I love styling it differently each season, but no matter how I shuffle things, I have some go to elements I always keep.

Here’s what you can think of when decorating your kitchen.

  • DO decorate your counters.

Decorating your kitchen counters make the space more welcoming.

  • Function & aesthetics are key.

Pick objects that are pretty and useful. I love showcasing cutting boards, salt and pepper mills, fruit bowls, tea in a canister and other things I may use daily or often.

  • Materials: wood, marble, concrete, ceramics, transparent jars…

Materials are everything! They set the tone and create the vibe you’re looking for. I love organic feeling kitchens, minimal design and warmth. So my go to objects are made of a combination of warm and raw materials.

Concrete: concrete is a rough material with a lot of texture. My kitchen island counter is concrete, and so are some other items like the container for my wooden spoons. Together they bring both a natural and warm feel.

Marble is a material I love, both for its texture, elegance and interest. it also elevates a space and makes it feel high end. As much as I would love to have marble backsplash, I don’t right now so Ive incorporated marble cutting boards, jars, vase.

Wood will add warmth and color to a neutral and minimal space. I love using it with exposed wooden utensils, boards, risers….

Linen also adds warmth and texture while keeping things natural. not only is it sustainable and so soft to use, it also has a natural touch that makes a space feel lived in. Think of linen for your tea towels.

Ceramics act like concrete. So think of vases, plates or bowls. I have a large ceramic bowl that I use to display fruits.

Glass jars: I love the look of exposed coffee and and teas. Being able to see through the containers add interest and texture.

  • Clusters

Decorate in clusters and leave empty counter space to use without having to move things around. This way, you can keep you decor without it being cumbersome. It easier to keep and maintain as well as clean. Usually group items in odd numbers with different heights, shapes and texture for a styled look.

  • Art

Don’t under estimate the power of art, even if it’s small. Adding a vintage art or any other piece of art brings warmth and dimension. I love vintage art, and there are many that you can buy on Etsy and that are also digital. That allows me to change my art seasonally and I use thrifted frames.

  • Fruits / veggies

Display them as decor items!! There is nothing more heartwarming than to see fruits and veggies. it also opens the appetite and adds color. I like them handy also for the kids to grab an apple or a pear on the go. My favorite to display are: apples, pears, artichokes, mangoes, figs, chestnuts, avocados.

  • Greenery

Always add a plant, branches or florals for a more organic feel.The elevate a space instantly. Think of varying heights and sizes for your plants and ones that will survive well depending on the light you get in your kitchen.

  • Scents & candles

Scent is a huge factor in creating any warm space and is no different for the kitchen! I always have a diffuser in the kitchen and it is very much part of my decor. Also, a candle softens the ambiance and lends itself to a romantic space. So use candles, even when cooking, it’s all in the experience.

  • Rug

Last but not least, a rug will tie in everything together beautifully and also keeps things with a warm feel. I have a washable rug from Ruggable that I love!

And that’s it for thinking of your kitchen as another space to decorate but one of the most important ones really!

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