One of the first things I did when we moved into this house is give a little upgrade to the second bathroom. But the first one was the priority. This one is quite dated and we knew we’d be renovating it down the road. But, I did a quick and easy DIY terrazzo wall using paint, updated a few accessories, and it made it a little more acceptable in the meantime.

This DIY terrazzo paint was so easy and accessible, I even used paint that I already had on hand. I am sharing this simple project because you can literally do it anywhere in your home for a quick update.

Materials for a DIY terrazzo wall using paint

You don’t really need much, most probably you may have them all.

  • Thick tracing paper
  • Small paint brushes (you can get them at the dollar store)
  • Cutter knife
  • Paint (various colors)
  • Painter’s tape

If you don’t already have paint, you can go to any paint retailer and get small sample that do not cost much. They will be matte but this would still work.

Where to start on DIYing a terrazzo wall

Before you start and buy anything at all, you need to look at your space and what will remain in it. The color scheme of the space is very important to choose the right complementary paint colors so that it fits in. The good thing about terrazzo is that it is a mix of various colors and depending on how big you decide to make your terrazzo pattern, you can get away with more or less colors.

I suggest getting paint swatches and putting them against the other colors in your space, be it wall paint, furniture, accessories, etc.

In my case, the walls were white and the accessories I chose were pretty neutral in the beige color palette. So that made choosing colors easy. This is what I picked:

  • Grey
  • Olive green
  • Beige
  • Terracotta

How to DIY a terrazzo wall with paint

Start with the stencil. You can either buy one online or make your own like I did.

I choose a big enough image of terrazzo online, printed it and started tracing it on a thick tracing paper. I then proceeded to cutting the shapes using a cutter. This step, if you choose to do it yourself, takes some time to finish. Do it slowly because you want your stencil to be well cut to paint over.

Once you’re done, you have your stencil ready to use! Make sure you clean your wall and let it dry. If you’re painting your surface first, do it and let it dry properly for over 24 hours. This is what I did, I started with a fresh coat of white paint.

Then, use painter’s tape to place your stencil on the wall. Start on the top corner if you’re doing a wall. Use your paints and paint over the shapes by varying the colors as much as possible to create a good blend of all of them. When you’re done, slowly remove the stencil by being careful not to smudge the paint and work your way through the surface to cover it all. If you happen to smudge the paint, don’t worry. Just use your base color and a thin paint brush to arrange the edges of the shapes.


Another point to watch out for is be careful not to put too much paint on the edges of the pattern so that the shapes are flat on the surface.

When you cover the entire surface, let it dry properly. Voilà, that is it. You have a new space within just a few hours and a very low budget.

I’ve had this wall in the bathroom for a few years now, and it is still perfect. it works great until we get to rip out all the bathroom and renovate it 🙂


This is a link to seeing me do it live on video, check it out and save it for later!

Another little cute DIY terrazzo project using paint is a side table for outdoors (or even indoors if you wish. Check out the terrazzo side table video.

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