Cutting boards are a must in every kitchen, but they can also be used anywhere around the house as a decor piece! And the boards I usually buy to use as decor, to display in the kitchen or to use for charcuterie platters are usually ones I don’t cut on to keep them pretty.

They are also more pricey. So I ventured to try my own. Since I wanted it to be food safe, and I was looking for a black board, I had to make some research on what products to use and how to seal it. This is my first try at it, and it won’t be the last!

I have a lot of scrap wood, so I used what I had. I took a piece of oak I had used for another project because I like to grain of the oak and the fact that it is a hard wood so it won’t bend and would last longer.



  • Orbital jigsaw
  • Sander
  • 220 grit sand paper
  • Router

First, start by drawing your shape on the wood. Then measure and adjust your drawing so that it is symmetrical and straight.

Then, use am orbital saw to cut your shape. Once it’s done, it’s time to take out your router. This is one of the best investments we made because so much is possible with a router and has allowed us to create multiple projects that can new more complex.

Round the edges of the board with your router, and use it to make the hole in the handle of the board. Then, use a sander with a 220 grit paper to smoothen everything.

Wipe with a clean and damp cloth and let dry.

Now it’s time to paint and seal. I used an acrylic water based and non toxic paint in black. Start by painting it and make sure the paint covers all the wood properly. If needed, apply two coats. Let dry completely for a few hours.

Once it’s dry, use the cotton cloth to apply the oil.

Put a generous coat and let it absorb and dry for 24 hours. Repeat the process.

When the oil is fully absorbed, apply a generous coat of beeswax with the cloth, ands let it dry for a few hours. I already had beeswax that I bought locally, but you can find it on Amazon as well.

When it’s all dry, you can wash it under running cold water and dry it.

Now, you can style it or use it when you host as a cheese or charcuterie board, or anything else!

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