So, it’s Christmas again and you’re ready to decorate and put the tree up. But, you feels like a change! Are you this person who likes to change their Christmas decor from one year to the other? Or do you feel attracted to a new decor styles or trend for the Holidays? Maybe you simply like to follow a them to decorate….

Whichever the reason, if you’re like me and you tend to change your Christmas decor, this is for you!

Not only can Christmas decorations be pricey if you’re constantly changing, but it’s also not very environmentally friendly. So, the alternative? Upcycle as much as you can.

Last year, I went for a Nordic black and white theme. This year, I’m into a more rustic look, layered, more depth and warmth. I’ve been loving the rustic or vintage like ornaments as well as the velvet ones, so I set out to upcycle my baubles to this.

It was actually easier than I thought, it obviously takes some time but it’s worth it!

For a Rustic Look:

Spray paint your baubles with a black matte paint and let dry.

Then use a combination of metallic acrylic paint to paint over them.

The key is to paint using a sponge without entirely covering the black, or for a full coverage use a brush and apply the paint with strokes in various directions. Let them dry, then cover the bauble tip with Rub’n Buff and voilĂ !

I actually used a gold metallic wax from Michaels on some instead of the paint and it turned out great!

Here are the colors I used and mixed:

Here’s what I used alone and the colors I mixed:

  • Granate on its own to get the burgundy color.
  • Venetian gold on its own to get the vintage gold color.
  • I used the Venetian gold with a foam on top of the Granate.
  • Rich Espresso on its own for a deep brown look
  • Worn Penny for a rust look
  • A mix of Worn Penny and Rich Espresso to get an antique brown and rust look.

You can try many combinations, I really loved these ones and I think with these base colors you can get quite a lot of variations.

Faux Velvet Baubles

This one is even more simple. You will need to buy suede Tex flocking powder or a kit that comes with an applicator if you prefer.

Choose your colors, apply acrylic paint of the same color as the powder making sure you cover all areas properly. Before it dries, sprinkle the powder to cover all the bauble, shake lightly to remove excess and hang to dry. Sooo easy, and I love it!

You can find flocking on Amazon, on Etsy or Lees Valley in Canada.

VoilĂ , you have a whole new look for Christmas without wasting. Now, let decorate the Christmas tree!!

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