I’m all for simple and easy seasonal decor, and here’s some inspiration to help you welcome the fall season into your home.

Fall is a beautiful season. And even though I am a summer girl at heart, I start embracing autumn towards the end of September. As the colors on the trees start to change, I love to slowly transition our home to a cozier and warmer interior.

Decorating for a new season does not have to be another chore on a never ending to do list. It can be very simple with a few touches that will go a long way. And why decorate with the season? Because we all align to nature’s rhythm and celebrating these changes help us move into a new season more smoothly and make us feel good. So, here are a few things I usually do.

Change pillows and throws

With the change in temperature and the crisp air, I like to feel warm and tend to lean towards deeper, richer tones and textures. So, autumn is a time where I like to switch my throw pillow covers and change my light summer throws for warmer textures. Best of all, I just keep them for coming years and seasons. These items are some of my favorites because they help layer and give that lived in feeling.

Add seasonal florals

Florals, greenery, branches…. I can’t live without them no matter the season! But again, when fall comes I tend to get some seasonal florals and greenery. I love eucalyptus for example, but there are many others. I also incorporate more dried florals that I store away during summer. I love pampas, bunny tails, dried palm, lavender and cotton stems.

And of course, there are branches such as birch, but really anything you can find outside. I like to forage a lot and discover new things that grow in nature around me. So you’ll often see me coming back home with things I picked up while on a walk or by the side of the road, like the pampas.

Scent plays a huge role

To me, no space is complete without scent. And this is all year long. The only difference is the type of scent that I choose. In the fall, I go for more woodsy scents. I always love diffusing essential oils and cannot live without my Vitruvi. But you can also have scented candles.

Don’t forget your exterior

I usually don’t go all out; I just love keeping things subtle. But a decorated exterior is always pretty and welcoming. I love coming home to an entrance with flowers so I add some mums in pretty planters and will occasionally sprinkle a few small white pumpkins. A wreath is also beautiful and give and elevated look to your front door.

Candles always sets a warm ambiance

Candles, as I said are a must. Be it scented or not, I always love lighting a candle to set a warm ambiance. When I use taper candles, I like to have subtle and deep colored ones such a mustard, burnt orange, olive green or black.

Art can always be changed

Art prints if you want to go the extra mile are a way to add another fall touch. And you can also keep them to keep switching them. Think of vintage art in the kitchen or elsewhere. You can find so many digital options nowadays that are very budget friendly and have them printed.

Voilà! You can always check my Pinterest and Instagram for more fall decor ideas and inspiration!

You have other fall ideas? Leave them below, I’d love to read them!

Wishing you a wonderful fall season!

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