When we moved in, I only had a few shelves in the corner of my home office, but I knew that was temporary. When the time came to start tackling the office, I knew I wanted to use more slats like elsewhere in the house.

It’s so easy to make and very affordable while creating a big impact. But I also needed shelves for my decor or books, so the best way was to integrate the two.

I didn’t want a huge accent wall, just enough interest to create a nice nook that would also be my office reading nook.

Here is a picture of what it looked like before:


  • Wooden slats (I used 1″x2″ pine)
  • Shelves (I used 8″x48″x1 3/8″ pine)
  • Max premium construction adhesive
  • Lag bolts 1/2″x 8″
  • 3″ #8 screws (or other depending on the width of your slats)
  • Matt water-based varnish for wood
  • 3/8″ wood dowels


  • Drill
  • 1/16 drill bit for #8 screws
  • Caulk gun
  • Level
  • Miter saw
  • Oscillating tool (Dremel)

How to

Start by determining the desired width of your wall as well as the desired spacing between each slat. This will allow you to calculate the quantity you need.

Also determine the number of shelves you want and their depth.

In our case, I wanted two shelves with a 15″ distance between them. I also wanted 3/4″ between each slat and used the slats with the narrower edge against the wall extending 18″ to through the wall. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to start cutting your wood.

Then, using a level (laser level is easier if you have one, otherwise a hand level will do) mark where the slats will go on the wall and where the shelves will go. Be sure to identify the studs and mark them as this is where you will attach your shelves.

Use the drill bit to drill holes at the bottom of the slats that will go over the base of your wall. Then apply the varnish on the whole to protect the wood.

Once the wood is dry, you are ready to install your first slat. Even if your wall is marked, use the level to make sure you install them straight and not twisted. Apply the adhesive along the entire length and spread it. Put the slat in place against the wall and screw the bottom to the wall with the drill. Measure the distance between the two and install your second slat, then your third until you reach your determined width.

Now it’s time to install the shelves. Pre-drill the holes in the studs with a 3/8″ drill bit (the bit should be one size smaller than the bolt) to prevent the wood from splitting. Screw in the lag bolt on one end and on the other making sure they are levelled. It should be drilled at least 3″in the stud.

Place your shelf on the lag bolts to mark where they should be inserted into the shelf. Next, pre-drill holes in the middle of the shelf’s height with a drill bit the same size as the head of the lag screw. Put some tape inside the holes in the shelf and insert the shelf into the lag bolts.

The second part of the slats can now be installed. Apply adhesive, spread it and stick to the wall making sure the bottom of the slat is on top of the shelf and is levelled. No need to use screws in this part. Continue until this section is complete.

Using the same method as above, install the second shelf and again the last section of slats which should be between the shelf and the ceiling.

Use your dowels to cover the holes at the bottom of the slats. When you’re done, cut off the excess with the oscillating tool.

That’s it, pretty quick and easy. Now you can style and enjoy your upgraded space!

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