I’ve always liked to play around with flower arrangements. And, it is no exception when it comes to Holiday foliage. Natural Christmas table decor around our home is a perfect way to decorate in a simple and natural way. It will give you time to be in the moment and work with your hands. As a result, it also helps increase the feeling of calm and serves as great centrepieces as well.

Where can you use natural Christmas decor?

Almost everywhere! Dining room table, coffee table, side table and even on the top of some furniture pieces like cabinets, piano and so on. It’s such an easy way to decorate, bring nature in while keeping Christmas decorations less stressful and less expensive.

You can find fresh greenery everywhere. Depending where you live, they may be around you in nature, in your backyard, etc. Since we have a lot of cedar all around our backyard, I trim them around Christmas to take advantage of the stems. Additionally, I buy a few bunches of pine and fir from the stores. They are about $5 each bunch and you can do so much with the quantity you have.

When you get them, keep them outdoors (provided you live in a cold temperature environment) until you’re ready to work with them. Otherwise, try to buy them or cut them when you know you’ll be using them.

Soak them for 24h in cold water in your bathtub, then let them dry before using them.

natural christmas arrangement Ideas


Asymmetrical centrepiece in wooden dough bowl

Includes cedar, dried eucalyptus on one side and candles as well as pine cones and dried nuts on the other side.

  • Use various sizes pine cones
  • Layer small cedar cuttings and eucalyptus
  • Divide the bowl in 3/4 and 1/4


A mix of dried and fresh Florals in brass colored vase

Use a small glass vase to put inside the larger one where you’ll add your fresh stems, the dried ones will go only in the large one.

Fresh stems: cedar, baby breath, holly berries.
Dried stems: bunny tails, preserved eucalyptus and white skeleton leaves.


Oversized Christmas arrangement

I wanted something that makes an impact here and fills a large space. So, I used a mix of pine stems in the middle, fir in the back all around. Then, I added some red dogwood branches to which I hung some dried oranges. I used a planter plate to which I glued floral foam. This plate sits in a larger marble platter so I can add water to the arrangement without ruining the marble plate.

Tall Christams arrangement

I used eucalyptus, cedar, baby breath, holly berries and curly willow.


Other really simple florals

You don’t always need an arrangement. Sometimes, some places just need a bit of greenery. So, whether it’s a bunch of eucalyptus, pine, cedar or whatever else, they make great decor. Just put some in a vase and your space will instantly change.

A sprinkle of greenery

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