Neuroarchitecture Consulting & Advising to create a better, humane world

In a world where we spend about 90% of our time in built environments, we cannot but acknowledge the impact it has on people’s health and wellbeing. Our responsibility as designers and architects to build a better, more humane world has never been more important. As a result, consulting or advising on neuroarchitecture is one way to do so without having to a full-time resource

The research and knowledge stemming from the human sciences and its relation to architecture and design is undeniable. As creators of beauty, pushing the boundaries between aesthetics and human nature will benefit humanity. It also allows us to make a positive impact on people’s wellbeing through our work.

Whether you’re building-designing a corporate, public or residential project, incorporating notions of neuroarchitecture into your concepts will improve the usability of your work and the life of the people who will be using it.

get the knowledge you need to Design & build health-impacting projects!

With acquired learnings in neuroarchitecture and a keen interest in neuroscience and wellness, I work hand in hand with you to provide advice on architectural and design elements to take into consideration in your work, based on scientific data and research.

I use neuroarchitecture as a tool and taking into account evidence-based criteria such as the effect of light, materials, acoustics, biophilia and much more. Knowing how they impact people’s emotions, memory, and senses amongst others, you will be equipped with the right tools to make effective and healthy architectural and design decisions for your clients.

Your projects will respect the biological, physical and psychological needs of humans in general. Additionally, they will also align with the individual goals and personality of the people you are designing for.

  • Analysis of space strengths, weaknesses and opportunities from a wellness perspective
  • Diagnosis of client needs, challenges, objectives
  • In-depth assessment of clients’ personality, background and needs
  • Science-backed recommendations tailored to the above

You will have proven information and recommendations tailored to your project to finalize your concepts and design.

Want your projects to be innovative and impact people’s lives positively? Let’s explore how the human sciences can be incorporated into your designs and builds.

Two ways we can work together

Neuroarchitecture Advising Services

If you’re an architect or interior designer looking to incorporate science backed design elements in your clients’ projects, I partner with you to provide the data you need to add value to your work.

You will keep managing all client facing communication and lead the project as you normally do. I work directly with you on the elements you need to include in your design and build projects that have a positive impact on your clients’ goals and their users’ wellbeing.

  • Analysis of project
  • Recommendations to consider in your work
  • The scientific data you need to present the ideas to your clients
Neuroarchitecture Consulting & Advising

Neuroarchitecture Advising or Consulting Services

I work with individual homeowners and/or with your interior designer on your home project.

You’re looking to incorporate design elements that will have an impact on your health, wellbeing and goals? I work hand-in-hand with your designer or with you – if you’re leading the project yourself – to provide recommendations to include in your entire home or room design.

You prefer a more comprehensive and hands-off approach? I can provide you with a complete service including recommendations, plans, moldboards, shopping list and so on to implement your design and create the home you love.