I am finally starting to transition our home for the Holidays with small and simple Christmas decor ideas. I waited for a little while until mid November to get started on all things Christmas because I like enjoying the seasons to their fullest, and we had such a warm Autumn weather in Montreal this year. I could not get myself to be in the mood before now.

wood and white living room with Christmas decor and greenery

All this to say, that I received my really Christmas tree this week (more about this later) and went to the florist and to get a few supplies for Charities crafts and DIYs, that certainly helped me get in the mood.

This year, I feel like a simple, cozy and velvety/rustic Christmas vibe. I want to create a soft ambiance without having to change everything at home. I’ll be repurposing, doing some DIYs and mostly leaning into the season’s greenery and natural elements.

I’m loving the velvet look in burgundy, brown and deep greens but also the rusty colours and antique golds. So, stay tuned I am so excited to share what I will do!

I am going to be sharing with you what I am doing this year to create a cozy, simple and stylish Christmas season.

And, I started with… Just a few touches to my favorite piece of furniture that I love styling all the time!

Arched display cabinet Holiday decor

I did not want to change up the entire decor in it, I just wanted to add a few things that are not complicated neither hard to maintain. So I went with a mix of natural things and traditional Christmas ornaments…. Here’s what I did.

  • A mix of small baubles in various gold colors – I put these in a marble bowl
  • Trees – a mix of brush tree in gold and two yarn trees in while and green
  • A fir branch with a layer of dried orange slices on top
  • A small gold bell
  • A Wintergreen Gaulteria plant

I think a few touches integrate perfectly with my usual decor and add just that little extra to feel festive and in the season without having to remove everything that’s already there.

Seeing with the arches, my next corner is….

Arched built-in Christmas decor

If you’ve been following me on instagram for a while, you know how much I love arches because of the softness and structure they add to a space, so this is usually what I start with first as it brings me so much joy.

Here’s how I decorated the built-in:

  • Various size pine cones in a stone plate. I used a variety of all natural, white, and some with a bit of gold
  • A brush tree
  • A floral arrangement in a black vase filling up the top of the built-it right below the arch. I used fir and dried white bunny tails
  • I filled a paper mâché bowl with gold baubles, a mix of matte, shiny and shimmery

Decorating the piano

Of course, now that we have a piano, I added a few touches there as well.

  • A gold brush tree next to the brass antique candle holders
  • A marble bowl with gold baubles
  • The statue vase got some fir branches and I added some gold metal wire stars to it

Coffee and side tables

This will probably evolve over the period of the Holidays, but here are a few suggestions and things I have already made.

  • Small vase with greenery: fir, cedar or a mix
  • Bowl with small greenery and dried oranges
  • Decorative Christmas trees: I’m using brush trees, yarn trees and vervet trees in burgundy.
  • I added a vase of baby breath which really goes with all the seasons

Arrangements & centrepieces

The key to making pretty arrangements and centrepieces is:

  1. Mix greenery types
  2. Mix sizes and textures
  3. Layer, layer, layer

Leaving you with these two examples over here… A few things I used are:

  • Baby breath
  • Holly berry
  • Cedar
  • Curly willow
  • Fir
  • Eucalyptus
  • Pine cones and other dried (coloured) natural elements
  • Candles

I will be adding more touches as we get into December, but I wanted to share this with you to give you some ideas that are simple and add soft and subtle Christmas touches.

It really does not have to be complicated, think of natural elements and traditional Christmas elements that can be used to sprinkle decor throughout your home.

I will add more in other rooms of the house and will be doing DIYs, small makeovers and decorating the trees – yes, I have two trees this year simply because I took a natural one in addition to the artificial one I had as part of a fundraiser, so I’m excited to be decorating both!

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