It is finally Spring over here, and I love this time of the year, not because it is my favorite season but because it’s a special one. Living in Canada means longer and colder winters and therefore Spring comes later than other warmer places.


This year specifically, I felt the winter stretched way too much and we’re starting the month of May barely seeing Spring. But, it’s coming…. the weather is warming up and there’s this feeling of starting fresh that comes with it. I love doing simple things to refresh my home for Spring. Here are a few ideas for you.


I love adding flowers all year long, but Spring brings so many choices and colors and I love to have them across the house. Not only in main living areas such as the living room or kitchen, but even in the bathroom and bedrooms.

Think of foraging when adding flowers and greenery or ask the florist which flowers last the longest.

New plants

Adding new plants is always a nice touch to help refresh a space and bring in more life to it.

A great place to shop without hassle if you’re in Canada is Fleur & Co where you can buy your plants online!


Planting herbs that I use both for decor and for cooking is another great way to add a touch of Spring to your kitchen. I usually have 2-3 plants in the kitchen of the herbs I use most – thyme, basil, coriander.

Pillows & throws

This is such an easy change. Just swap the cover of your throw pillows to something lighter in color and texture to bring in a Spring look.

Lighter bedding

Lighter bedding is always good to refresh a bedroom for Spring. Think of sustainable materials and ones that perform well such as linen, my favorite!

Fresh scent

Last but not least, fresh scent. I’m a sucker for candles and diffusing essential oils. I usually opt for fresher scents that are more floral or citrus.

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