When the idea of ​​creating my blog came to my mind, I was in a period of change, of questioning, a period during which I needed to close some doors and open others. In fact, I was evolving so to speak. After having had a fairly “fast” lifestyle for quite a long time, after some hard learned lessons, after refocusing my attention on what was really important to me and what wasn’t as much, I found myself wanting to evolve my life towards what seemed to me more sustainable, whether in terms of relationships or gestures for the world, towards something that made more sense to me. I was looking for simplicity, a slower pace and connection. And I admit that these are easy words to pronounce, but not very easy to apply.


Our life nowadays days being what it is, it’s harder to slow down, but not really hard to be closer to what you value. It only takes a few moments to stop and reassess. And so, it was this stop that led me to want to explore my blog, go back to writing, something that I love so much, get closer to my passions and my heart. I wanted to dare to share what I like, my opinions, inspire and get inspired positively for a sweeter world.

The word LIFE was the beginning of my thinking process. Since my life was changing, since I wanted to change some aspects of my life, I started with this rather trivial word but which says it all. Ah life!!

From there, I wanted to make a link with living and not only life, because living is a word of action, a word that is more alive than the word life! So my thinking evolved towards the word LIVE, the verb to live from which I removed the “E”. So, this became LIV, a Swedish word that means life. Life, for me, is what’s most important, and life happens through human connection, motherhood in my case, home amongst other things. I tapped into the Scandinavian world because this style speaks to me, as much by its philosophy centered on well-being and authenticity as by its refined, natural, minimalist design; which is something I’m drawn to.

Where Liv came from

As per Wikipedia, Liv is a Nordic female given name derived from the Old Norse “hlíf”, which means “shelter” or “protection”. In modern Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish it is also homophonous with the word “liv” meaning “life”.

Why Bloom?

My base was in that word. To that, I wanted to add the evolution factor, because I like flexibility, change; because we all evolve in one way or another, at one time or another … So BLOOM came to my mind. To BLOOM is to yield flowers, to mature, to become more apparent or fully expressed. In this word I found both a connotation of personal growth and a reminder of flowers that I adore and almost always surround my home with. Another natural element that makes me feel good and makes me happy.

Liv & bloom

Live simply, grow beautifully!

So the combination of the two words means life and growth, living close to one’s values, to one’s heart, living with intention and simplicity through the everyday. This is what makes us grow, flourish and makes life a sweeter and more beautiful path through the chaos that we have to live anyway.

Voilà, simply put. So welcome to my home, to my everyday through which I hope to inspire you, but above all connect with you who share this same vision and be inspired by you!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Lara xo

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