Creating a table that adds beauty, joy and appetite to a gathering is always fun and a great way to host and surround guests with beauty!

Even if there are no guests, I still love setting up the table differently for special occasion or days, and the Holidays are no different. This year may not be a usual one, but it certainly is not a reason not to do everything to fill our home with joy and beauty!

So, I created three simple and natural tablescapes. They are all easy to create and do not require much, with materials that you can find around you, in nature or close-by stores.

Natural & chic

For this tablescape, I went with touches of gold to give a chic and elegant look to the table.

I created a placeholder with air dry clay for a name tag and to add a branch/flower

I used brass candlesticks, pine and fir in the center and added some berry picks in 4 different glasses with a red touch to create repetition with the color of the florals.

Finally, I used glasses with gold polka dots and gold flatware.

Natural & simple

I added a large center of pine, fir, pinecones, whole oranges and slices of dried oranges.

I used small branches of eucalyptus on the napkins with wicker napkins rings.

The flatware is silver colored.

Each plate has its own mini wooden flocked tree with a mini pinecone.

The greenery here is what makes the table impactful with the combination of all natural materials.

Natural & playful

This tables cape has a few natural elements with a thin layer of pine across the table sprinkled with a few dried orange slices. Gold and flocked green bottle brush trees as well as fairy lights add a playful touch to the setup.

The napkin is tied together with twine, a cinnamon stick and golden mini Christmas ball.

The rest is very simple with plain glasses and gold flatware.

I hope you find inspiration to create your own and celebrate this year’s holidays with warmth and joy, whether or not you’re able to have gatherings.


Lara x

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