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My baby boy hit four years old, and it was time to update his nursery like room to a big boy’s room. It is also a time when I started incorporating wellness into my design and life altogether. So, it goes without saying that I wanted for him a room that would enhance sleep. So, I set out to design a timeless and serene bedroom for kids, but that would evolve easily with time.

What it looked like before…

starting with the bed

Yes!! Well, it is the biggest piece of a bedroom, so it is always best to start there. But, in our case, we changed our recent mattress to upgrade to a king bed, and we wanted to give our queen mattress to our eldest. However, he did not want to upgrade!! Lol! Our youngest though, who is four years old was more than happy to upgrade 🙂 So we did. I thought this was the perfect occasion to stir away from a very childish look and create a timeless, serene kids bedroom design.

Since I’m starting with the bed, I had to pick a new one that fits the queen mattress. I did not want to use our old bed frame as it was quite adult-like – it was upholstered in white leather. I went down the Ikea route, and chose a grey upholstered bed frame.

When that was out of the way, I set out to design the room.

Timeless, serene kids bedroom design – Key features

Before moving into any design, I have to determine the features I wanted in the bedroom. Obviously the bed! But, I also want an accent chair for bedtime reading, a little desk and some floor space for a plant, a basket of plush toys, and two night stands since the bed is quite large.

Placing the bed in this room is quite easy. There is only one place it can go due to size, centered on one wall with the window on one side and the door on the other. Now, even if I could place it in a different way, that’s where it would go so that the bed is not close to the door for circulation. The other reason is the window, which ideally you’d want on the side of the bed or facing it.

I proceeded to determining where each other item would go. Once again, an accent chair for reading is best placed next to a window for more natural light and the view. Then, I decided to place the desk facing the window on the other side of the room. It will face the wall, but the window behind it would provide enough light for this area during the day.

Designing a timeless and serene kids bedroom

I decided on a color palette that draws on various shades of green and a greige. They compliment the grey bed well and they are colors that mimics nature. Therefore, one of the elements to have a serene space is colors. Of course, there are other colors that can be used such as browns, blues, and so on.


Painting simply White above & Revere Pewter below


Painting the pattern. horizontal line first, then vertical


Green paints I used

The following decision was going to be about how I use the colors. Because the room is quite large, I did not want to go just for plain colored walls. I wanted to play with patterns to add visual interest without making it too stimulating. So I decided to divide the walls in two sections with two colors with a gingham like pattern in between. the top half is about 1/4 and the bottom is 3/4 of the wall. This means that I’d also add more patterns elsewhere in the room (with a wallpaper and decor), but for now, let’s stick with the makeover part.

I got a few color samples from Benjamin Moore, and ended up using them for the pattern on the wall. Samples don’t have any sheen on them, but because I’m painting little sections, I’m ok with all matte. The first step is to paint the top half of the wall white – Benjamin Moore Simply White. Then, determining where the pattern will start and end, the second step is to paint the bottom half with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. This is a beautiful greige color and I found it great with the rest of the grey and greens.

Time to incorporate the patterns

This is a tedious step that took quite some time to get the pattern done. There is a lot of waiting for sections to dry before moving on to the others, plus factor in time to do 2-3 coats. With various sizes frog tape, a laser level and small paintbrushes, I started painting the pattern with the various greens I had picked up. I also painted the closet doors and room door, trims and baseboards with Revere Pewter, and added gold hardware on the closet doors.


Then came the wallpaper! I chose a beautiful pattern with leaves from Wallpaper Direct. It’s the Sandberg Jon wallpaper in olive green. It’s a high quality wallpaper, the print is beautiful and add the touch of serenity and nature like room that I was looking for. This option is a standard one, so it require pasting the surface to install it. This step also took some time simply because it is on the ceiling which makes it a bit hard to do, but so worth it! I made a video sharing tips on how to make ceiling wallpaper installation easy.

More on pattern later.

Choosing and DIYing accent furniture

First, the accent chair. I found a grey accent chair with rounded shapes at HomeSense, which is better for comforting spaces since we unconsciously view sharp edges as a threat and it activates our stress. I did not like the very flashy gold bottom, so I decided to cover it with a burgundy velvet material, the same I used to upholster the ottoman in our living room.


Next, I found a vintage desk with drawers on each side. And I decided to split the desk to use the two sides as nightstands! Yup! the shape is rounded, the are not very wide but have enough storage, so that is perfect for not taking up too much space.

Finally, a desk. I was lucky to find the same style desk. It was unfortunately not real wood, so paint is the way to go in this case. Using some shellac based primer and two coats of white paint, we have a brand new desk! For the desk, I went with Rustoleum Colour spark in Light Cream. I spray painted the hardware gold, and it did the trick!

Desk is colour Spark Light Cream by Rustoleum


Nightstands are mediterranean Green by BM


Timeless, Serene Kids Bedroom Design – choosing accessories

Now that the basics and biggest pieces are in, choosing accessories is next. With accessories, I will continue to create rhythm and repetition through colors and patterns in order to have a cohesive look. For now, you can see that I am choosing elements that are not childish, but can create both a timeless and serene bedroom for a kid, and that would allow the design to evolve with time as needed.



The bedding is a mix of solids and pattern. The colours are subtle and timeless. I chose from Tuck Bedding’s Crisp Collection, the sage green mixed with the clay and white pinstripe bedding. When shopping at HomeSense, I also found some throw pillows, again a mix of similar colors and patterns/solids as well as a throw with gingham pattern and a burgundy color that repeats like the bottom of the chair.



My son loves dinosaurs, at least for now!! So, I found some vintage like dinosaur prints on Etsy with muted colors. I printed them and put them up is various wooden frames across the walls.

After some time, I came across a vintage mirror that I thrifted and applied Rub’n Buff on the frame. So now I have a few brass touches across the room.

Repeating elements is important for a cohesive look. And these are some of the elements that repeat in the room.

Other accents include a washable grey vintage rug from Ruggable, a small yellow desk chair for kids, blackout curtains as well as sheer linen green curtains (the window is on the street side, so it provides privacy when needed), a thrifted side lamp with a pleased shade as well as plants. Other elements include a rattan ceiling light and large basket for his plush toys.

I really love how this kid room turned out. Taking time with my boy to read, or see him draw on his desk is the best feeling. He loves his big boy room. Designing a timeless and serene kids bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated, you can make it feel child like with accessories o that the rest can evolve with time. As such, the room remains a space for rest and carrying out calm activities and routines.

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