fall foliage in white living room, tips for simple fall decor

Home, just like us, evolves through the seasons. The light is different, the air feels cooler and welcoming each season into our home brings comfort and wellbeing.

And it doesn’t need to be complicated or over the top. I love to incorporate simple and subtle changes to ease into Fall, especially that I’m a summer girl who likes to hold onto summer as long as I possibly can. I feel that doing this prepares me to get into the new season and make my home and my every day more comfortable.

So, this is for you if you like to keep things simple and pretty and add subtle Fall touches.

Fresh florals

Bringing nature in always makes interiors pretty and full of life. I have rounded up some florals that you can easily find around you in nature or at the florist. I don’t have artificial flowers or plants in my home, I prefer going the natural route, but you can totally add the same subtle touches with faux florals and stems.

  • Pampas: the ones that grow by the side of the road, they first grow with a deep purple color before turning beige. Cut them long, remove the leaves, shake them vigorously and keep them a few hours outside to make sure there are no bugs that stay on them. You can also use a hair dryer to remove any bugs. If you don’t want them to shed a lot, spray them with hair spray.
  • Burgundy Cherry: often found around as well, they’re mid-sized trees and they turn a deep burgundy in the Summer.
  • Lavender is so easily grown or found at the florist. You can dry them and keep them for years or buy them already dried. Plus they smell amazing!
  • Hydrangea Paniculata or Limelight : the ones that are white and turn pink. Cut them in September when they start turning pinkish, remove all the leaves and put them in a vase with some water away from direct sunlight, they’ll dry as they are and you can use them for as long as you want! You can also cut the limelight hydrangeas that are green.
  • Norway Maple: Maple trees are all around, this species is the one that has a deep burgundy color.
  • Lastly, you can also get a bouquet of any white flowers and add to it dry preserved eucalyptus and driftwood to make it.

Plants you can add for a Fall look

There are several plants that you can add for Fall to your home, and bonus, keep them all year long. Look for those with deep color foliage that will make your home feel like autumn.

  • Burgundy Rubber Plant
  • Alocacia Bambino
  • Philodendron Imperial Red
  • Raven ZZ
  • Croton

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Nothing screams Fall more than cozy knits and chunky blankets. An easy way to feel cozy at home is to change your throw pillow covers for warmer textured ones and autumn patterns. Think plaid, checkered, striped and even solids but choose warmer textures such as velvet, wool and so on.

Same goes for throws. I like to have throws all over my home and I simply swap the lighter ones for the more warm ones in the Fall. Simple and easy and does the trick!


Scent is very much a part of home decor and sets the mood in any space. Candles and diffusers are my best friend year round, I just change the scent with the season.

Go for citrus and woodsy scents. I like to have a combo of scented candles and essential oils. Here’s a round up of essential oils that are perfect for Fall.

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Voilà! It’s really simple and doesn’t need to take a long time or a lot of budget. If you do this you’ll be all set for a cozy feel in your home.

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